Why KCL…………?

Providing professional services and implementing a business solutions is more than simply applying technology to a particular business problem. Building cost-effective, reliable and secure business solutions that help you meet your business priorities requires a team of both astute business strategists and technical experts with broad industry experience.

Our company structure and dedication to corporate governance drives our motivation to think outside the square. We encourage organizations to avoid seeking the single ‘correct’ answer. Instead we help them to focus on understanding the true nature of the issues being faced and then decide on the appropriate way forward.

In addition, we provide proven consulting methodologies backed by a global services organization. KCL offers strategy road mapping and implementations services to help identify and implement solutions that enable you to increase business-critical capabilities,achieve tangible results, create competitive advantage and realize a return on your investment, value for money within realistic time frames.

Core Specialisation

KNIGHT CONSULTING LIMITED has expertise in the following specialized areas: Poverty and Social Safety nets, Labour Management Information System, Agriculture, Employment Generation, Finance, Project start up, Technical needs Assessment, Engineering needs Assessment and Statistical studies. Summarily they are outlined below

  • Project Management
  • Training
  • Human Resources Management
  • Educational Advisory Services
  • Socio-Economic Analysis, Public Policy and Development Studies
  • Finance and Entrepreneurial Management