companyProfileKnight Consulting Limited (KCL) is a registered limited company with incorporation number RC 619573. It is a firm with an international affiliation and also partnering other consulting companies to ensure a cutting edge advantage.

Our company seeks to provide a wide range of strategic consultancy services with an unequal skills in the following professional fields; strategic management, Socio-Economic and Financial Analysis, Forensic Technology Services, Accounting, finance and Fraud Examination, Legal and Investigative journalism, Training/ Capacity Building, Business Development and Investment. Out team of experts ensure that the assignments are executed with the highest committment to service delivery.
Knight Consulting prides itself on its focus for quality. KCL’s introduction of an international quality management system means that all our clients worldwide enjoy consistently high standards.
Due to our cutting edge advantages in the developing economies, we have over the years recorded successes in varying areas of our expertise.
KCL aims to help organization make decisive improvements in their direction and performance by sparkling breakthrough ideas for clients, the business world, and society at large. We see the essence of our work as a virtuous circle of insight, impact and trust.
KCL aspires to achieve these goals with individuals as well as with organizations. We seek to inspire enterprising and imaginative people-at our clients and our staff-with unparalleled opportunities for professional and personal growth. In this way, we hope to forge lifelong bonds courage and trust with them.

KCL has consistently assisted organizations globally to strengthen their capability through focusing on the business goals of the clients. The approach therefore provides higher level of achievement, motivation and performance directly in line with business needs and objectives.

Principal to KCL is application of professional knowledge and experience in analysing and assessing our clients’ needs rather than just applying a theoretical approach.


Work undertaken both public and private sectors:

International Donor Agencies:

  • European Union (EU)
  • Department For International Development (DFID)
  • World Bank
  • Voluntary Service Organization (VSO)
  • PACT

Public Sector:

  • National Bureau of Statistics
  • National Planning Commission
  • Debt Management Office
  • Office of the Accountant General of the Federation
  • Federal  Ministry of Finance
  • Budget office of the Federation
  • Central Bank of Nigeria
  • Millennium Development Goal (MDG)

State Government

  • Jigawa State Government
  • Kano State Government
  • Ondo State Government
  • Osun State Government
  • Kogi State Government