Finance and Entrepreneurial Management

At KCL, we manage finances of clients in order to optimize the opportunities available. In doing this, we ensure credibility and integrity so as to encourage confidence and patronage on the part of our client.

At KCL, we also develop and customize entrepreneurial modules for beginners and self-employed entrepreneurs. In strengthening this, we scale it up by organizing training and capacity building (both practical and theoretical) for prospective persons in need of knowledge for entrepreneurial development and management.

Profile of work undertaken:

We have worked with the following organization in both public and private sectors:

International Donor Agencies:

  • European Union (EU)
  • Department For International Development (DFID)
  • World Bank
  • Voluntary Service Organization (VSO)
  • PACT

Public Sector:

  • National Bureau of Statistics
  • National Planning Commission
  • Debt Management Office
  • Office of the Accountant General of the Federation
  • Federal Ministry of Finance
  • Budget office of the Federation
  • Central Bank of Nigeria
  • Millennium Development Goal (MDG)

State Government:

  • Jigawa State Government
  • Kano State Government
  • Ondo State Government
  • Osun State Government
  • Kogi State Government